Eco-friendly hotel

in Noumea

Discover the presentation and values

of Gondwana City Green in New Caledonia

We are passionate about our job as hoteliers, and about the values ​​we uphold.

Our Gondwana City Green Hotel reflects this. It took us 9 years to realize our project, we needed perseverance, confidence and tenacity.

Staying true to ourselves, we are proud to have gone to the end of our vision, which is based on strong values.


At the Gondwana Hotel, we are proud of our New Caledonian roots and like to value the diversity of our cultures.


We also want our hotel to be a living space, for you to feel good there.


Caring parenthood is a subject close to our hearts, which is why children have their place in the hotel.


For us, ecology is not just about sorting waste or finding alternatives to air conditioning.

An eco-friendly hotel

The only hotel with High Environmental Quality (HQE) certification overseas, the Gondwana Hotel in Noumea has implemented strict requirements to be part of an eco-responsible approach.

For example, the windows and doors guarantee acoustic and thermal insulation, the LED lighting makes it possible to control electricity consumption, the particularly efficient fans limit the use of paid air conditioning.

Less visible but just as effective, eco-friendly installations and processes play a major role in the sustainable development behind the scenes, with photovoltaic panels and the territory’s first thermodynamic water heaters on the roofs, as well as waste sorting or even electric bicycles available for rental.

The eco-friendly approach is not limited to reducing energy consumption and limiting waste, it also extends to the individual involvement of team members who share its value.

Similarly, the managerial model chosen is based on goodwill and is inspired by humanist movements such as the Non-Violent Communication…

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